How to export your address book on your Mac to a spreadsheet

December 16, 2010

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Want to export your contacts in your address book into a spreadsheet on your Mac? Luckily you have a Mac, because it is VERY easy to do on a Mac.

Here’s how.

  1. Open Mac’s Numbers software program (Mac version of Excel; it’s part of iWork)
  2. Open Address Book, and click on the desired group or select the individual contacts that you want to export by holding down the COMMAND key (the key to the right or left of your keyboard) and clicking on the contacts you want
  3. Drag and drop them into an empty spreadsheet in Numbers (let go of the COMMAND key first if you individually selected them)
  4. Done!

And since it most likely will not be in order, to put it in order of last name starting with the “a’s”, then do this:

  1. Click inside the spreadsheet where the data is
  2. Hit COMMAND and the “A” key at the same time so it highlights everything
  3. Click on the Sort & Filter button up top
  4. Under SORT, select “Last name” in the first drop down menu, and “ascending” in the second
  5. Hit REFRESH
  6. Done!

In case you are unfamiliar with Mac software, it’s very intuitive to use, as you can see with the fix above. No exporting. No importing. No headaches. Most of the time, it’s just drag and drop. That’s why I love Mac. Their computers and software work the way you would think they would, which makes it a very short learning curve. If you have not made the switch to Mac, then I highly suggest that you do.

Want more reasons why you should go Mac? Go here.

Have some questions about switching to Mac? Go here for Apple’s FAQ’s on the subject.

Have you already made the switch? Go here for easy instructions on how to get everything moved over from your PC to your new Mac.

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