Is your computer giving you a TON of popups?


Are you going nuts because your computer is so slow?


Need a computer network set up? (wired or wireless)


If so, I can take care of those issues for you…
and much more!


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Here are the services that I offer:

  • Rid your computer of popups
  • Block popups from appearing again
  • Rid your computer of spyware, malware, viruses, and all other threats
  • Protect your computer from future threats
  • Speed up your computer
  • Repair your computer
  • Rebuild your computer
  • Upgrade your computer
  • One on one computer/internet training
  • Network your computers via cables or wirelessly
  • Computer setup & installation
  • Extremely Reliable Web Hosting
  • And more!

"My computer was outdated, slow, and otherwise barely functional. He analyzed the situation, and made specific suggestions that turned it into a lean, mean, killer fast machine with mega space!"
– Georgia P., Beverly Hills, CA


My work is 100% Guaranteed!

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