Dear Ian,

I would like to say, “Thank You, you are a computer angel!” I think you probably have a set of wings. I say that because PayPal is like fighting the devil. I have contacted PayPal numerous times to fix my problem and you fixed it in one short video. God bless you and keep up the great work.


I am very happy with the computer that Ian built for me. It runs very smoothly, and it has the components and features that I wanted. The greatest thing is that Ian is a pleasure to do business with. When I contacted him about having a new computer built, he was quick to respond to my questions and work with my budget to build me an awesome system. I wanted a computer for gaming, and for ripping, burning, storing, and listening to music, but I couldn’t afford the latest and the greatest. I had some parts & specifications in mind, which Ian accommodated,and he made expert choices for parts that I wasn’t too picky or knowledgeable about.

As a result, I have a great system that’s the best bang for my buck (2.2 GHz CPU, 1Gig RAM, 200Gig hard drive). It works with music, and runs the latest games fast and with no problems. I wouldn’t hesitate to call Ian about a future upgrade, or for any computer advice. His services are the most helpful I’ve ever come across. Therefore, I highly recommend him!

Vivien C., Los Angeles, CA

I only know the basics about computers, and occasionally I would run into either software or hardware problems. So when I needed a whole new computer, what was I to do? Contacting Ian Brown was the best thing I ever did. He’s a down to earth, normal, extremely computer savvy, genuinely nice guy. He built me an entirely new computer system, everything from 46 gigs of hard drive space, to 576 megs of RAM, with a 1.1 gigahertz processor.

The best part about it was the follow up service. One phone call away, no 1-900 charges, and all my questions were answered immediately. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Ian’s business was a new wave in computer sales and service. I’ll never go back to any of those large retailers. Why would I?

Jeff H., Cromwell, CT

I wanted to have a new CD burner put into my computer so I could burn CDs faster. I contacted Ian, and he sent me a burner by mail right away. He then walked me through the process of installing my own CD burner by phone! I really didn’t think I could do it, but he coached me, a user who only uses the computer for email, internet and word processing. When I tell people that Ian taught me by phone how to install a CD burner – they are amazed!

I have been so pleased with the services that Ian provides, that I have already paid him to develop the website for my new business! I feel I have obtained much more than my money’s worth…which is something rare these days!

Wendi B., Medford, MA

I am very pleased with the upgrade that Ian recently completed on my old personal computer. My computer was outdated, slow, and otherwise barely functional. He analyzed the situation, and made specific suggestions that turned it into a lean, mean, killer fast machine with mega space! I appreciated his honesty and truthfulness in being frank about what could, and what could not be done, and how far this upgrade could go.

His fees were extremely reasonable for all of the work that he did: installing all of the components; reviving those components that were retained; and providing training to a non-technical person such as myself.

I know that I will be enjoying this computer for several years to come.

Thank you so much, Ian, and I am pleased to recommend you.

Georgia P., Beverly Hills, CA

I called Ian because my computer was not performing as quickly as I wanted it to. Ian actually researched the best deal on memory cards, sent it to me via mail within days, and then talked me through installing additional memory into the tower of my computer. He taught me to do it all by myself! I have never worked on computers in my life, and I was amazed at how he patiently trained me to add a memory card – all by phone from CA! He is such a patient and wonderful trainer, and I recommend his services to anyone who owns a pc.

Faye R., Boston, MA