Getting Double Emails in Opera with Gmail? – IMAP format – Mac and PC

January 11, 2009

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Are you getting double emails in Opera when you configure your Gmail account in Opera using the IMAP format? If so, here is the fix:

1. Open Opera
2. Up top, go to MAIL>IMAP Folders
3. Unsubscribe (uncheck) the following folders:
1. [Gmail]/All Mail
2. [Gmail]/Sent Mail

Click OK. You should be good to go, but if not, then hit your “Check/Send” button so that it will reset itself.

Just so you know, when using Gmail’s SMTP servers, a copy of the message automatically goes to the sent folder.

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29 Responses to “Getting Double Emails in Opera with Gmail? – IMAP format – Mac and PC”

  1. cameron Says:

    Thank You SO MUCH! that was extremly helpful to me

  2. Ian Brown Says:

    My pleasure, Cameron!

  3. DALE Says:

    thx, really helpfull

  4. Ian Brown Says:

    You bet, Dale!

  5. Otto Says:

    Thank you Ian. Straigh to the point solution. It resolved my endless duplication.

  6. Amie Nichol Says:

    Blogroll links aint that great :P but i am not the admin :P Just Telling :P :D

  7. Ian Brown Says:

    I am running i3Theme 1.7 Classic (Center Edition) on this blog. Google it. It’s the first link that comes up.

  8. Maday Says:

    There is obviously a lot to know about this. I think you made some good points in Features also.

  9. watchara Says:

    After unchecking and clicking the Check/Send, nothing changed. The previous unchecked ones still be checked. How should I do?

    One more question, when I delete uncomplete fetched message (Header download only), the message in the server do not delete so the message is back again in Opera mail. What ‘s wrong with my IMAP?

  10. Ian Brown Says:


    Answer#1: Try restarting Opera.

    Answer#2: Try downloading the entire message and THEN delete it.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  11. Ian Brown Says:

    You bet, Otto! Glad to help.

  12. watchara Says:

    Thank you. Now it works, one possible reason maybe low speed of my internet.

  13. Ian Brown Says:

    Great. Glad to hear it, watchara.

  14. Ian Brown Says:

    Thanks for your advice, Amie. You’re right. I have not updated them in a while. I’ll get on it. ;)

  15. Seithz Says:

    Thanks… I always get annoyed because I always getting 2 same Mails..
    Thanks A lot for you ^^

  16. john Says:

    thx it work perfectly

  17. Ci?cie Szablonów Says:

    it does work perfectly! thanks for sharing :)

  18. janek Says:

    thank you, been looking for it

  19. the french boy Says:

    thanx a lot !! it’s working very well !!

  20. bridging loan Says:

    One lesson and CC did not teach bankiers.

  21. conan Says:

    thanks, that has fixed opera+gmail for me

  22. Stevie Says:

    It is very different on 10.61 ok here goes friend had to help me…

    Get to you mail by checking on menu or if you do not see it goto the 1st icon on the left the door with arrow click it. Now you should see menu at the very top and right under is a button will say note, mail, book marks, etc click that and click mail, if you see an option on the menu button at says Mail and Chat Accounts click that.

    goto where you see it says Mail for right below u see a folder says All Mail right click it and then click Properties then you can change it….

  23. Ian Brown Says:

    Thanks for you input, Stevie. Glad you got it fixed. I guess there is more than one way to do it, because the way I describe it still works for me, and I have Opera 10.61 as well. Thanks for posting an alternative, though!

  24. KJ Says:

    Thank you so much! It worked like a charm!

  25. Slne?ník Says:

    thx much

  26. Kara Says:

    Thank you SO MUCH! I was getting very aggravated with getting double emails.

  27. María Says:

    Thanks!!!! It works.

  28. Ian Brown Says:

    You’re very welcome María, Kara, Slne?ník, KJ, Conan, the french boy, Janek, Ci?cie Szablonów, John, and Seithz!

  29. Salih Says:

    Dear author, thank you very much, I like Opera Mail very much but this duplicate email issue was annoying.

    I have another problem. I can not view “.ics” attachments in opera. So when people invite me to meetings or skype calls, i can not see the date and time of the event. Outlook and gmail in browser shows a nice calendar view. How can i achieve this?

    I think opera mail should have plugin system.

    Also is opera mail abandoned? Or being actively developed?


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