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Is your SATA drive NOT being seen in Windows but it IS being seen in your BIOS? Is Windows calling it a Foreign Dynamic disk drive in Disk Management?

May 16, 2011


I just had a client who reformatted his drive and reinstalled Windows XP Pro on it. After he did that, when he reattached the 2 other SATA internal hard drives that he has for his data, one showed up fine, and the other showed up as a “Foreign Domestic Drive” and had a yellow question […]

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Getting the “No Boot Device Detected: System Halted” error when you start your computer?

February 11, 2010


I was getting the same message with one of my systems. It was not even listing the hard drive or the CD-ROM in the BIOS. It ended up being a very easy fix. Here was the fix:

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Are you getting an “Input not supported” error when trying to boot up into Safe Mode?

September 27, 2008


Are you trying to boot up into Safe Mode, and you’re getting an “Input not supported” error? Here’s the fix:

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