How to rename a project in iMovie ’09

January 13, 2010

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I know this may be a simple task, but this feature is kind of hidden.

If you start a project in iMovie ’09, don’t do anything with it, and then go back into iMovie ’09 later, you’ll be working under the same project name that you just created, not a new one. It saves whatever you’ve been working on automatically, which is great. That way you don’t lose your work. You just have to be aware of what project you are adding to when you go back into the program.

If you are starting a new project and you’ve already been working on some projects in iMovie in the past, then you need to go to FILE>NEW PROJECT and name the new project. Then any work that you do from that point on will be saved in that new project.

However, you may have already started to work on the project under a project name that you created earlier, but didn’t do anything with. If that’s the case, then you’ll want to rename the project to what you are currently working on.

Here’s how:

      1. In iMovie ’09, find the button in the upper LEFT corner of the program window called, “Project Library”
      2. Click on that
      3. Find the project that you want to rename and DOUBLE click on it
      4. Rename it and hit enter
      5. You’re good to go!

Now to go back to working on that project, you have three choices on how to do that:

      1. DOUBLE click on the bottom half of the blue label for that project where you just renamed your project
      2. DOUBLE click on the film strip to the right of the project name
      3. Click on the project once and click the button titled “Edit Project.” It will be in the same location where the “Project Library” button was, in the upper left corner of the program window.
      4. Enjoy!

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8 Responses to “How to rename a project in iMovie ’09”

  1. Nichola Says:

    I so much ought to get myself in gear and launch a blog similar to this one.

  2. clicclic Says:

    Thank you so much – I feel like an idiot for not figuring out this simple solution. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out where you went/clicked to change a project’s name.

  3. Ian Brown Says:

    @Nichola Not a bad idea. Your current blog is pretty cool, though.

    @clicclic You bet! Yeah, I felt the same way when I had to search for the answer myself. ;)

  4. ralph Says:

    no good, it doesn’t keep the original it just renames it – i need to keep the original and rework it in several ways, how do you do this please?

  5. Ian Brown Says:

    Ralph, go into the Project Library, RIGHT-click (if you have no mouse, hold down the “ctrl” key and click) on the project you want to rework different ways and select, “Duplicate Project.”

  6. Roger Sherman Says:

    doesn’t work in iMovie 11, I’m afraid.

  7. Ian Brown Says:

    That’s too bad. Thanks for the update, Roger. I’ll see what I can find out about that.

  8. Val Says:

    Thanks Ian! I have iMove ’11 and “duplicate project” worked for me!

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