How to get your pictures and videos off your iPhone onto your computer (Mac)

January 17, 2010

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You’ll enjoy this one, because it’s super easy. No more having to email your iPhone pics and videos to yourself to enjoy them on your computer. All you have to do is the following:

      1. Plug your iPhone into your computer like you always do when you want to put music on it or Sync it with your computer (just plug it in via USB)
      2. Go into your Applications and DOUBLE-click on IMAGE CAPTURE
      3. Click on your iPhone in IMAGE CAPTURE, which should be listed on the left hand side of the IMAGE CAPTURE program window (it will be named your name, or whatever you named it)
      4. You will now see all of your pics and videos listed on the right hand side
      5. If you only want to import some of them, then choose the ones you want by holding down the COMMAND key (the open apple key to the left of your keyboard) and selecting the pics and videos that you want (skip this step if you want to import all of the pics and videos)
      6. Choose where you would like to import them to by clicking on the menu next to “IMPORT TO” at the bottom of the program window (choosing iPhoto is recommended)
      7. Now either choose IMPORT if you selected certain pics and vids in STEP 5, or choose IMPORT ALL if you want all of your pictures and videos imported into iPhoto
      6. Enjoy!

Yes, iPhoto can handle videos. And if you want to import the videos that you have in iPhoto into iMovie so you can edit them, after you import them into iPhoto, simply open iMovie and it will automatically ask you if you want to import your videos in iPhoto (or it might just ask if you want to create thumbnails for those videos, which is the same thing; it will still import them into iMovie). #1 Dating Site – View Pics for Free

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