Do NOT buy a pre-owned biofeedback device BEFORE reading this

January 29, 2014

Biofeedback Devices, For Sale

Are you in the market for a pre-owned biofeedback device? Then today is your lucky day, because my friend, Jake, over at The Love Biofeedback Blog is going to hook you up!

As you might know, I help clients sell their biofeedback devices on the Internet. What you might not know is that a friend of mine, Jake, who I just mentioned, helps me.

He’s had a lot of experience helping people buy and sell biofeedback devices, which is why I chose to work with him.

Well, it just so happens that Jake just finished writing a great buyer’s guide entitled, “The Top 23 Questions You MUST Ask BEFORE Buying a Pre-Owned Biofeedback Device”, and for a limited time, he’s giving it away!

That’s right. He’s just giving it away, because he feels that the word needs to get out, and I agree. You really need to be armed with this knowledge so you are able to make wise decisions when making the purchase.

It will save you a lot of money, time and headache from buying a dud of a biofeedback device and getting a dud deal.

In it, you will learn many valuable things, including…

1. How to Avoid Buying a Lemon
  + Discover the one thing you can do that will drastically decrease the chances of you buying a lemon.

2. A Special Kind of Picture You Should Ask For That Could Save You Thousands
  + They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but the right kind of picture is worth $1000s when purchasing a pre-owned biofeedback device.

3. The One Thing the Seller Should Agree To Or You Should WALK AWAY
  + In negotiations, there is alway some give and take. However, some are deal breakers, and this is one of them!

And more!

Again, he’s only giving this buyer’s guide away for a limited time.

So if you’re in the market for a quality pre-owned biofeedback device, go and get your copy now before you forget and while it’s still free!

Click here for Instant Access to “The Top 23 Questions You MUST Ask BEFORE Buying a Pre-Owned Biofeedback Device.”

And while you’re here, be sure and check out the quality pre-owned biofeedback devices that I have listed on my For Sale page.

Good luck with your purchase!

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2 Responses to “Do NOT buy a pre-owned biofeedback device BEFORE reading this”

  1. John Zedaker Says:

    Hi Ian, I have an Eternale and an Indigo both with some accessories and needing laptops. I have owned and used both on myself, family and friends for years. They have both just returned from a thorough checkup from a certified technician with The Quantum Alliance. Please let me know if you are interested. I prefer to sell them to you for less so you can resell for a profit. Thank you, John Zedaker

  2. Ian Brown Says:

    Hi John, thanks for the offer. I just sent you an email.

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