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What is Google+? Is it a Facebook and Twitter killer? Here’s an overview. Want an invite?

August 1, 2011


Have you heard of Google+? You can find it here: It’s Google’s version of Facebook and Twitter, combined into one, and it’s actually pretty cool. It allows you to share photos, videos, have unlimited text in your status updates, and other features that are similar to Facebook and Twitter (sans the unlimited text in […]

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Firefox 4 Beta Ready for Download

December 10, 2010


Mozilla recently released a beta version of Firefox 4, and it’s ready for download. The only thing that I will mention as a precaution is that if you have a Mac, I would not suggest downloading or installing it just yet. Here’s why…

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You Can Download and Test Drive Internet Explorer 9 Beta

November 29, 2010


Microsoft is still in the testing stages with their latest version of Internet Explorer 9, but you if you feel brave and want to give it a shot, simply go here:

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