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Do you find personalized ads on your smartphone “creepy”? Here’s how to opt-out.

January 31, 2016

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Have you ever been using your smartphone…let’s say you’re using the eBay app…and you look for certain items on eBay. Then you close your eBay app without buying anything and you open another app. To your surprise, you see an ad for the very item you were just searching for on eBay! Does that creep […]

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How to convert a PDF to a Kindle ebook via email and send it directly to your Kindle device or Kindle app on your mobile device

July 21, 2014


Ok, this is something that I use all the time. I read a lot and have a lot of books in PDF format. And since I am on the go a lot, the most convenient way to read them wherever I am is on my iPhone (it’s a great way to catch up on your […]

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