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Update on my iPhone 3GS shutting off unexpectedly issue

May 30, 2010


I had posted a fix to an issue that I was having with my iPhone 3GS (it was randomly shutting off) that I thought I had taken care of, however, just this morning, when the battery had about 70% power, it just died, and I couldn’t revive it.. The last app that I was using […]

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Why My iPhone 3GS kept Shutting Off Unexpectedly and How I Fixed It

May 28, 2010


Recently, my iPhone 3GS kept on shutting off out of the blue, and did so on a pretty regular basis. However, I only let this happen for a day or so before I took action, did research, and fixed it. I can not let anything happen to my beloved iPhone. It’s in integral part of […]

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